A little cronopio...

Two days in a row I see different Yugioh players go all “Ad-Hominem” because their decks “are the most original”.

I mean, my deck is quite a home-brew

but come on, this is yugioh, is based on archetypes, there is  so much space for creativity when the cards indicate IN THE NAME with which cards it should be played. with.. 

Japan List: Corrects an old favorite to give it a second chance, takes the risk of putting a decaing boss at 2, prepares ways for controlling the Pendulum Summon. 

American List: bans 2 flips monsters, tackles Infernity like 4 years later. 

This one was a big fucking dramatic clash (5200 * 4500). Just the way I Like my Yugiohs!

Still, the game could have continued. Yet, to be honest I was extending the duel. It was the first time I played against sylvans and daaamn, the archetype looks gimmicky and complicated as fuck, and the person said they were testing, so I too wanted to see how and wich kind of plays could sylvans made whit their scry of sorts.  

Im back into this game after a long time, Gotta say I missed it. 

The new field spells rule.

Il will add a “The Sanctuary in the sky” to my side deck in case I face a deck that plays fields. Just for dramatic purpouses. 

"So, You we are clashing on "Zombie World" eh? well, now its a death wasteland populated by the undead… FLOATING IN THE HEAVENS!!!!" 

"Geartowm eh?… how about FLOATING MECHANIC FORTRESS GEARTOWN huh?"

"A Legendary Ocean… Oh my god, dont even get me started…"

TCG Player Problems…

Tengo un prejucio cabrón contra Vanguard lo admito, hasta te juego Bakugan antes que esa madre XD … Quizás sea que percibo que todos los jugadores chillones que ya les duele su colita al jugar Yugi se están hiendo para hallá… quizás sea que veo que es sólo porque tiene anime que está creciendo tan rápido (un chance que no le dieron a Duelmasters en su momento, siendo un gran juego de cartas) … Quizás sea porque su player base lo pone cómo el super pinche juego sin haber probado antes juegos como Magic o Warcraft… Quizá porque su arte está super fapero y también por eso jala gente… quizás simplemente me estoy haciendo viejo XD… pero pues… simplemente no lo trago…

Sooo… Slushy

When this card is Normal Summoned: You can send 1 “Slushy” from your Deck to the Graveyard. If you have 3 copies of “Slushy” total either banished and/or in your Graveyard(beforehand): You can banish this card from your Graveyard to target 1 Level 5 or higher Sea Serpent-Type monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target. You can only use the Special Summoning effect of “Slushy” once per turn.

What is the deal whit you? everyone seem so excited about…

I try to find you space on Mermails (free Megaloabyss) but you just seem to alter the consistency, give bad draws and… dont be really needed in general. 

I try to find you space on Atlanteans… But I wont even run Atlanteans alone… And If I did, I wont run Poseidra… and even If I did, you are again not really helping the deck. 

I guess you are good in some sort of Daedalus deck I cant put my finger on… and thats the weird part, why is everyone so excited about some Daedalus support? Dont get me wrong I love daedalus, but I always felt it was more like a “indie” deck. When did Daedalus became big enough that everyone goes “WOW” when you are realesed? did I Miss something? 

Also, if anyone has some Ideas to a daedalus build whit this guy, i would be quite happy to read them. Daedalus is the original badass sea serpent, and one of my all time favorite cards, I wont mind If it became even more powerfull thanks to this guy. 

¿Soy yo, o los duelistas de Yugi simplemente se quejan de todo, excepto de cuando les dan apoyo especifico a lo que sea que estén jugando?

Finalmente estamos viendo una evolución en el juego (Return Of The Duelist, Abyss Raising y Cosmo Blazar traen un aire fresco que no se había visto en años) y se ponen Bitches porque “Hay demasiados arquetipos nuevos”. De verdad, Yugi se está balanceando, y SI HAY ESPACIO PARA LA ORIGINALIDAD Y SI SE PUEDEN MEJORAR ARQUETIPOS VIEJOS (restriega su deck Cyberdark y su deck Angel Plants en las caras de todos). Así cómo quieren que uno no se vaya a Magic me cae..

Angry Nerd Mood


*Not digging the new gold saints on Omega. Fandoms seems to already love them, despite the fact  they have A LOT to prove in order to fill my “Gold Saint” Standarts 

* No digging Rei in Zexal, since he is TOTALLY the new Johan, and we know what Johan did to the original “best friend” in Gx, and im seeing Shark as the best friend in Zexal (Kaito is the rival) and just NO.

* Geargia won the last YCS. This one is harder to explain. I have loved the Machine type ever since I play, and respected and at least tested every single machine arquetipe that there is. Except for geargia. Art is dumb as hell for machine, and gameplay mechanics are the dumb “herp derp you dont have to think, we automatically make your deck faster. Also, have some “+1” for no reason” that plagues the game of late.  Sure, Gadgets have been doing that for years, but at least they look decent while doing so, they really feel like machines. These are just stupid toon world rejects. And its kind sad, because whit a name like that, I really would have loved some steampunk machine theme or something like that… Konami chosed to finally gave Machines some top meta power, whit their most stupid looking unflavored archetype. I just feels humiliating…

 Of Course, Yugioh TCG is (now and ever) really dumb on flavor aspects (MTG players would get this) but still… There are a few yugioh players like me who like to see a little bit more on a card that just a good effect on the text.  And Geargias felt insulting to us like that…  


Yugioh Page: And this is the winner of the last SEALED PLAY tournament!

Yugioh! player base: Decklist! no one cares give us a Decklist!Decklist!Decklist! dark magician whit boobies!! Herpa derp derp derp derp…

Man… the game is good and I love it, I swear; but we have the worst player base among the TCGs. No taste or modals on most of our players… *shuffles his Magic Deck Like a Sir*